The back office is a term used for company employees and departments that do not interact with customers such as accounting teams, IT, administrative tasks, etc. The back office also generates less revenue for the company compared to the front office staff. In addition, most back-offices have one or more workflow or business process management solutions, case management, or a legacy transaction processing system.

The technological base to parallel this new organization also had to be decentralized. In 1975, we made the important decision to turn from “big-box” maxicomputers to decentralized minicomputers and microcomputers in a distributed network. To understand fully the compelling reasons for the decision, it is helpful to review briefly some of the history of computers in banking—a history, for the most part, of management’s failure to understand computers. The fact is that for the first two or more decades that computers have been around in banks they have not really been solving business problems; rather, they have been set against systems tasks or production issues. In a sense, the recognition that a new technology was needed was also borrowed from the manufacturing industries.

  • When volume soared during the economic boom of the 1950s and 1960s, management hired more clerical staff in an attempt to maintain the one-to-one relationship with the customer that had characterized a quieter era of banking.
  • Comprehensive software solutions for brokerages, digital asset platforms and prop trading companies.
  • You will receive a functioning product in a period from a couple of hours to several days.
  • Order Management integrates with Oracle CPQ Cloud for a seamless user experience across the entire quote-to-cash process.
  • This was the era of EDP departments and the introduction into finance and other activities of the systems analyst and the technologist.
  • This added dimension required stretching our vision to look outside our processing shop to where the customer sat, and then to look back in from his viewpoint.

Though this saves money for the company, the employee may also have to accept a lower salary if they are moving from a Front Office position in a central location to a more remote location or even a work-at-home arrangement.

Inventory systems and accurate sales reporting together provide several time-saving benefits across the manager’s day to day tasks. An effective back office solution simplifies cash management tasks, automates inventory procedures and streamlines payroll procedures. It can then bundle data into manageable packets of information for accounting purposes. Switching will overall remove much of the human error element that can lead to bad data and lost time. We hope our concept of the next step, the multi-product work center—in a sense, the ultimate customer orientation for processing services—will answer this problem. The multiproduct work center will be geared to a set of customers, or even, if volume warrants, to a single customer, but it will handle all the financial transaction services those customers use or require.

The production management disciplines that ensure the smooth running of mass production plants had been born alongside the introduction of machine tools that could produce more at less cost. In the Industrial Revolution, machinery and the development of modern management techniques were two strands of the same thread. From the industrial vantage point of the new managers, the dominant underlying cause of Citibank’s problem was organizational.

eBO – electronic Back Office

Back-office custom features allow companies to craft native user experiences for each customer, drive internal management efficiency, nurture sales leads and achieve other business goals. Back-office customizations save customers and staff time and money by accessing back-office and front-end data, connecting with external business resources, fostering better customer personalizations and optimizing marketing applications. IMEX® is the world’s leading back-office trade finance solution designed for financial institutions with high volumes of trade activity. Serving as a real-time processing and decision-support system, IMEX® is a comprehensive back office solution that fully addresses the diverse needs of a financial institution’s trade services department. IBSnet® is the leading Windows-based back-office trade finance solution for financial institutions. IBSnet® enables users to process a full complement of trade finance transactions including commercial and standby letters of credit (L/Cs), collections, payments, guarantees and all means of financing.

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We develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all of our stakeholders. In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities. One of the unique features of the payments business is the sheer volume of transactions that it processes on a daily basis, making it the highest-volume client the software company has. Employees of the front office will typically directly interact and have dealings with customers and have the responsibility of taking and processing orders while ensuring they are satisfied with the services rendered. Since the front office handles customer satisfaction, this area is highly responsible for the growth of revenues within the company.

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The front office is the “face” of the company and is all the resources of the company that are used to make sales and interact with customers and clients. The back office is all the resources of the company that are devoted to actually producing a product or service and all the other labor that is not seen by customers, such as administration or logistics. Broadly speaking, back office work includes roles that affect the costs side of a business’s trading statement and front office work includes roles that affect the income side of a business’s trading statement.

With more than 200,000 members, it’s designed to promote peer-to-peer collaboration and sharing of best practices, product updates, and feedback. Reduce shipping costs by consolidating line items to ship together or deliver on the same date. Schedule configure-to-order items by adjusting supply sources, lead times, and availability.


B2B Vendors often manage their inventories through Inventory Management, Product Information Management and other back-office applications that include simple spreadsheets and ERP software. Creating efficient and effective marketing campaigns requires the unity of the front and back office. Without researching, collecting, and analyzing internal data, your company’s marketing campaigns will suffer.

As a result of these competition pressures, third-party technology vendor software solutions are evolving to give wealth management firms a competitive edge. Solutions that support financial planning including the exploration of accounts, portfolio holdings, asset allocation, data, investment profiling etc. Electronic Back Office service packages three Equias services, eCM, eRR and eSM, into one. It will improve trade automation, reduce costs and simplify technical connectivity to Equias reconciliation and compliance services.

Features of using the back-office trade program support

Management made the direction for that change clear by bringing in a new management team recruited from manufacturing industries and from other distinctly nonbanking environments. The new managers, schooled in quantitative analysis and production methods, found the situation very nearly out of control. At our peak of inefficiency, Citibank operations starred a cast of thousands who shuffled the paper that was the basis of our transaction processing “system.” These people were handling only a part of the whole, a single task over and over again. The repetitiveness of their work, and the fact that they had no sense of its completion, militated against consistently error-free performance. In fact, out of monotony or lack of attention, our clerks tended to create errors in the processing flow. At one point during 1970, a backlog of some 36,000 customer inquiry items had accumulated.


LEAD Consult’s signature software product, the LEAD Universal Loader, allows easy, plug & play, no-code integration between Equias eBO API and any other software or data provider from the sector. Whether you need eBO connected to a modern ETRM System capable of handling REST or SOAP Web Services, Queueing Service, or a file based or e-mail based interface, LEAD Consult is the one to call! Some of the existing use cases include systems like Allegro, Previse Systems, Enmacc, Reuters, Nordpool and many more.

Along with building a strong relationship of trust, the alliance was also aware that it would need to create an even harmony between streamlining back-office processes and agile product development. Recognizing these requirements, EY embarked on a collaboration with the software company. By building on its existing collaboration, it offered broad services to the payments business. Recognizing the complexity of its back-office operations, the payments business decided to search for a specialized, external partner. One with the expertise to help it create an innovative approach to adding further enhancements to the sub-ledger, along with a strategy that would transform its end-to-end operating model.

Features of using the back-office trade program support

Make better decisions through end-to-end visibility and analytics on orders, inventory, shipments, supply, and invoices. Meet your customer requirements with multiple fulfillment options such as drop-ship, back-to-back, and configure-to-order. For energy trading companies using ETRM software and wanting to connect to any or all of the Equias services eRR, eCM and eSM from their ETRM application.

Distributed Processing Network

This automation process converts any paper documents into digital files that can be used to provide data insight, minimize errors, and improve customer experience. Front office marketing teams are rewarded for increasing sales, whereas back office marketing operations and data analysts are rewarded for reducing costs. That being Modern back-office soft versions said, when marketing and operations work together, the company will have a better understanding of the customer and the knowledge required to implement successful marketing strategies. In this environment, it is difficult to know if you are delivering your services accurately, on time, and as cost efficiently as possible.

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Respect – Other people at the bank tend not to respect you, viewing you as “the help desk,” which can become demoralizing both on the job and in real life. Recruiting – Many MO and BO jobs tend to be less competitive than FO jobs, and you need less experience/preparation to get them. Oracle University provides you with free training and certification you can rely on to ensure your organization’s success, all delivered in your choice of formats.

Stocks and options trading simulator is the perfect way to open platform to new prospective clients without risk, educate traders and test new models. Adjust margins in real time for accurate and agile decision making via broker back office. Real-time calculations and effective notifications system enables broker-dealers to discover potential client trading issues instantly. Trader’s Room is a unifying power that provides you clear monitoring of money flows — every financial service and every payment system connected in a single Forex platform back office interface. Our back office design enables compiling a report of any format from an array of data from your clients — client wallet reports, registration details, deposit and withdrawal operations, broker-dealer trading operations, etc. The product utilizes SSL and TLS protocols to protect the system against unauthorized tampering.

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These roles all tend to pay more and have more competitive hiring processes as well. You want to start a business or side project that earns money, but you currently have nothing up and running – so you need a salary and free time. You can use this job as a springboard to move into related strategy roles at normal companies or even management consulting – MBB may be a stretch, but other consulting firms are doable. But these roles still pay quite well and allow you to move into other quant roles at the bank or hedge funds and prop trading firms. But at large banks, the lines between “front office” and “middle/back office” quants are not always clear.

These departments have their own independent lifecycle, including late trading and global books. Digitalization and agility are key enablers for salespeople to deal effectively and efficiently. • MX.3 APIs give clients the freedom to integrate proprietary and third-party models. Underpinning this knowledge and experience is the managed service layer and how it contributes to a successful relationship with the client. Learn how industry leaders are transforming their businesses to overcome global challenges and thrive with intelligent automation.

Workforce Management automates time-off management and the creation of employee schedules. Read the guest blog by Ken Landoline, Principal Analyst, OVUM, Back-Office Integration Coming to the Forefront in Customer Engagement, to learn more about the merging of contact centers and back-office operations. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.