Applicants should be aware of how sober living homes are structured and how independence fits into their daily lives. Sober houses for guided independent living is provided through sober living programs. However, because high-quality sober houses are still somewhat supervised, you must adhere to the sober house’s basic regulations. You may prefer to live in an environment with others working toward their recovery in an atmosphere that provides accountability.

  • However, you will need to participate in their applications and weekly house meetings.
  • Join our sober living community or refer a client, family member, or friend.
  • Oxford Houses have strict rules – more so than most sober living houses.
  • Oxford Houses provide a safe, supportive, and clean environment for people who are serious about staying in recovery.
  • These types of halfway houses may be sponsored by the state.
  • The Real Recovery program has 380 beds for men across seven locations in the greater Tampa Bay area.

There may also be a limit on how much time a resident can stay at the halfway house. Many people become dependent on drugs and alcohol because of the environment they were raised in. Their ability to cope is influenced by how and where they were raised, as well as what they were exposed to during their childhood. Without a healthy foundation to approach what life throws their way, many people abuse drugs and alcohol as a way of adapting. Those suffering from addiction are advised not to return to the same environment where their unhealthy habits began. When individuals are in recovery, they have the opportunity to develop healthy coping skills. It’s a shame when these people return home and revert to their old habits because the treatment structure is no longer in place.

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Although some sober living facilities provide possibilities for peer support group meetings, they do not provide ‘formal’ addiction therapy. Residents must still see their therapist, doctor, or treatment center to stay on track with their treatment plan. Halfway houses are built like dorms, while sober living houses are structured like private residences. As a result, sober living houses offer more privacy and comfort. Sober living is just like it sounds, a place to stay where you’ll have a supportive community and can start your new life free from alcohol or other drugs. Residents in sober-living homes commit to abstaining from substance use while participating in outpatient programming or after completing inpatient treatment. Halfway houses require everyone to live without alcohol or drug use.

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Over the years, as he found cheaper and cheaper drugs, his only goal in life was starting every day with the question of how he could get high. Between the ages of 22 to 25, alcohol and drug abuse developed into dependence, and subsequently, addiction, for John C. Join our sober living community or refer a client, family member, or friend. Submit an application online and receive a call back within 24 hours. Residents are merely required to maintain sobriety and make regular payments on their residential fees by the sober house.

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The cost varies by the type of sober-living environment and length of stay. Some sober-living homes have a base rate with additional costs for added services. When you’re looking for a sober recovery home, be sure to ask what’s included in the monthly rate and what is extra. Some examples of additional services may include transportation to appointments, recovery coaching, meals and gym memberships. But when considering some of the services offered, make sure they’re services that help support your sobriety. Part of living in recovery is “showing up for life,” meaning doing things for yourself that make you a successful, contributing member of society.

They both work as a type of housing to ease the transition for people who no longer need inpatient treatment, but who aren’t yet ready to return home to fully independent living. Both sober living homes and halfway houses can provide the support and community that people working on sobriety need. Oxford Houses are sober living houses that belong to the Oxford House network. These provide a more structured and disciplined environment than a privately-owned sober house. The place must go through a process of review and agree to operate by certain standards and guidelines to be certified as an Oxford House.

What Are Sober Living Homes?

While not all halfway houses are used in this way, a considerable portion are. For example, returning home to an environment where roommates or family members are using drugs or alcohol can trigger some people to relapse. Some people may also leave treatment and need to locate alternative housing options if they could not maintain an apartment or continue to pay for housing while in residential care. There are a few differences between sober living vs halfway house living. The following lists show the contrasts and similarities between the two options. It is helpful to explore the reputation of a sober living home before moving in. Additionally, explore ratings and reviews from residents who have lived in the home.

Residents in halfway houses are frequently ordered by the courts to stay for a set period of time. Some individuals will visit halfway houses and do not own a home. However, towards the end of your stay, you need to make housing arrangements and sober house vs halfway house rules on how you will cope with Temptations and cravings. Sober living homes have staff members who are responsible for enforcing these rules to ensure that the environment is free of drugs and the individuals you are not tempted to relapse.

Sobernation Brands

Someone moves into a three-quarter house after they have lived in a halfway house. Or, perhaps they have been in recovery awhile, but their life circumstances are such that they need a safe, drug-free place to stay until they can get their own place. In either case, a three-quarter house offers people an environment that allows them to be on their own schedule and do their own thing. A three-quarter house is where someone goes when they are almost ready to live on their own.

sober living vs halfway house

His admission cost $600 per month with only the idea of him going to 12-Step meetings and a weekly house meeting. Have completed or are currently completing an addiction treatment program. Residents in sober living homes are not expected to have completed or be actively involved in formal rehabilitation. The right sober living environment can have a powerful capacity to support your recovery. Sober living homes differ from halfway houses in several ways. Furthermore, the word “halfway home” has a negative connotation, as there has been much in the news about shady operations and overdoses at halfway houses.

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