This keeps me safe from any bans or crashes in the game. Both of these can hinder your online and overall experience. AntiVirus like Avast, McAfee, and others flag Exe files as malicious and can block or delete them. Either disable them entirely or add the COD MW2 exe to their list of exceptions. Getting blocked by a Windows firewall is nothing new, and has happened to me in the past. C++ Visual is a key part of a game to run since every program, big or small, requires a set of codes and protocols.

  • This will make the GPU run at maximum power, ensuring maximum performance possible.
  • Simply right-click on the Valorant program icon and then use the Run Ad Manager option to launch Valorant with admin rights.
  • Java’s memory cleanup process, garbage collection, uses up CPU resources.
  • Come back here and Paste the results in laptop freezing randomly a message.
  • There are plenty of other crashes that we didn’t mention that may still be part of the same problem.

A boost in FPS just might be the boost you need to have more fun while playing Minecraft. Follow us for all the latest news, tips and updates. Alternatively if you are using a differnt client such as MultiMC, you will need to install Java 17+. This will tell you if you need to try and fix your network connectivity to the Minecraft server. Follow their install instructions here for the client you wish to use. InformationDetailed information, gallery, videos, PirateCraft team and other detailed information about PirateCraft. My personal laptop is constantly crashing without logging a useful error.

Disable Third Party Audio Drivers

It also speeds up hoppers, searching, beacons, and more. Drivers and graphics cards help everything visual on your computer display properly. If they’re not powerful enough or up-to-date, you can even suffer the problem of Minecraft low FPS on a good PC. Another thing to do is running the latency test regularly. It’s a good way to determine your device’s performance standing. Don’t think, just because you suffer from high latency in Minecraft last night, it won’t work anymore.

Networking :: No Homegroup Access

MW2 has multiple modes like a single-player campaign, multiplayer combat, and a co-op story special Ops experience. These aren’t official remedies, but they might come in handy in the meantime and help you get to playing the game in the aftermath of its release. The problems are not exclusive to the multiplayer though. The MW2 campaign crashes are also pretty common right now. The crashes can happen at any point in the campaign and are not isolated to a certain level or area. After your PC restarts, go to theNvidia graphics driver download page. Other users commenting on the poll linked earlier say that they have gotten four blue screen crashes on PS4, or haven’t been able to get a match at all on PS4.

Outdated Speaker Drivers

So, disable it to see if it was causing the Dev Error 6178 on Modern Warfare and Warzone. With Discord Overlay, you can text and voice chat while playing a game. If your game is crashing, try playing the game by disabling the Discord overlay. When a game runs, it has to write data on the hard drive to save files and run smoothly. Some parts of the hard drive need admin access to be overwritten. When the game can’t save files at that part of the hard disk, it stops responding and crashes.