Why trust GTIME

Our methodologies and protocols have been recognized by companies and institutions at an international level, such as the Chilean Ministry of Energy, World Bank, IRENA and GIZ.

We help you to

Manage your energy data securely and 100% truthfully

Communicating your energy sustainability to customers and users
Simplifying the purchase and sale of energy

Our services

We trace renewable energy generation from source to destination, using blockchain technology.

Thanks to the use of blockchain and field measurements, we can trace and track energy without errors; this data is processed and visualized in real time on our online platform, allowing us to promote products and services generated with renewable energies.

Energy traceability information reaches end consumers in a simplified way through the labeling of products and services using dynamic QR codes or the creation of mobile applications.

Automated digital energy certificates through smart contracts, which can be verified and personalized.

Data is recorded in real time, allowing companies to verify and make dynamic smart contracts.

They trust us

Pulse of Transelec

Platform created for Transelec that traces and certifies renewable energy with blockchain. Pulse follows the path of energy from its origin to identify if it is renewable and certify it as such, which allows companies to have a tool to account for their environmental commitment throughout the value chain of their processes, products and services. This digital service is aimed at renewable energy generators and companies that produce products and services of all kinds, but also at people looking for information about what they consume, as it has an open online viewer that shows the energy being generated in a plant or used in a given production.

Solar Copper Certification for Codelco

At its Gabriela Mistral Division -located in the heart of the Atacama Desert- Codelco has the largest solar thermal plant in Latin America, which since 2013 has been supplying thermal energy to the electrowinning process for the production of cathodes. This energy avoids the emission into the environment of more than 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year (tCO2/year) and has the “Sello Sol” certification (using GTIME technology), which through blockchain technology allows transparency to the end users of the products, that the energy was actually delivered to the electrowinning process.

Original Green Roasters solar certification

In 2016, Sello Sol, together with GTIME, carried out its first energy traceability pilot project at the Original Green Roasters coffee shop, located in the heart of Santiago. The project seeks to offer a high quality product by adding value to its elaboration processes with solar energy.

Energy traceability in public solar buildings

Project that allows obtaining useful and certified information on the solar energy generated by the more than 5MW of photovoltaic installations of the government’s Public Solar Roofs program. The project was framed in the initiative of the Ministry of Energy and the World Bank to develop a methodology to exchange the offsets generated by the mitigation actions through a platform that allows mining the data with blockchain and thus have unique and unrepeatable information to perform transactions.